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Welcome to our butterfly page, be sure to visit the Flying Flowers site  by clicking here www.flyingflowersva.com . Flying Flowers have long been the name given to butterflies in the gardens so we have erected a walk through butterfly house   ( if you scroll down you will see what we started fall of 2010 )and you will be able to stroll amongst the butterflies and even enjoy a Butterfly Tea.

For those of you who have visited the gardens before you know how many butterflies we have living here with us. We have specialized in butterfly plantings using both native and non native plants and have identified 32 different butterflies. By having a huge number of both host and nectar plantings we have attracted butterflies in their adult stage which then lay their eggs in the garden and the cycle begins again.

Flying Flowers houses native butterflies which include the specfic plants they will need to spend their life cycle with us. The structure was erected in Oct. and it has now been completed with paths, seating areas and lots of flowers. We are now  scheduling groups for visits this summer.

Here are just two visitors to the gardens last summer;

Althougth non native Butterfly bush does attract many butterflies. We have tried to be vigilant to keep them from spreading but we still find volunteers in the gardens. This variety is black knight and the butterfly is a comma.

Here is a Diana, on a Purple Cone Flower, a native which many of you may have in your perennial border. A favorite with many butterflies as well as birds if you leave the seed heads standing in the winter.

For more information on attracting butterflies to your garden please visit our butterfly page under gardening tips.

Here is a picture of the Flying Flowers house when we began. As you can see it was "naked", but the paths were in, good bones makes a good garden.

The picture below shows what it looks like in May, it will make drastic changes by the end of the summer.

Here is a shot of some of the hungry visitors

For more pictures sign up as a friend on Facebook and check out our flying flowers website www.flyingflowersva.com

This past winter really put the new house to the test. Check out the shots below- YES we had more snow than normal- over 50" this winter and I was never so happy to see spring.

Notice how the snow just coated the mesh and almost none entered the house. Yes this is a fine shade cloth to keep our butterflies in and predatory insects out.This was the first heavy snow we had, a total of just over a foot when it was over. Subsequent snows were much lighter and they did coat the ground.

Just to give you a perspective of the house and our lavender in the snow last winter. 

Check back to see our progress.

Be sure to go to the website for more info and lots of pictures of Flying Flowers I will continue to add pictures so please check back often.