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6 more weeks of winter- thanks Phil!
Since Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow on Tuesday and then we received another 8" of snow that day I guess he was right. Since December 18" we have had over 30" of snow and  although the plants and the water table may be pleased with all this moisture I am tired of it. Schedules are shuffled and reshuffled as we all try to get on with our busy lives.  For those of you with school age kids my sympathies, since my "other " job is visiting schools and providing school programs  I  understand how difficult this juggling act can be.   

Since Beagle Ridge is closed for the season I have been working on some new products, a trail brochure, a blog and of course lots of things for Flying Flowers. Click on the link for more on this exciting new venture and be sure to schedule early for your group to have Tea with the Butterflies.  To receive our NEW Weekly Blog send us  an email at beagleridge@gmail.com and I will get it right to you. Updates for the farm, classes, speaking engagements and special sales will be listed on the blog so be sure to get your updates in a timely manner.  Well, more shoveling awaits and they are calling for 6-10" more tomorrow.Hope you all stay safe and warm and are hoping for spring. 
Ellen Reynolds
Beagle Ridge Herb Farm

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