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Hello fellow herb lovers Garlic Thyme is around the corner!

Garlic braids will be available Sept. 15th (approx) and we are getting ready for Garlic Thyme at the farm.

Be sure to mark your calendar for Saturday Oct 6th and join us for Garlic Thyme at the farm. We will have a full day of activities beginning with a garden tour at 10:30, or a fall
color and wildlife hike for those of you who have toured the gardens. Bring walking shoes if you plan to take the hike, it will be leisurely and educational and bring your camera too.

We will be serving lunch around noon, for $8.50 a piece, with registration required ( if you want to join us for the day and bring a picnic lunch please do so). There will be a variety of
options for lunch: Garlic soup, Chicken with 40 cloves of garlic and for the non garlic aficionado, baked ham,fresh salads and vegetables, herbal tea and several types of dessert.
If you stay for the classes/demos which will run most of the afternoon, you will be able to taste a variety of goodies which I will be making.

Classes will include: How to grow garlic ( planting, growing and harvesting), Cooking with garlic and herbs, Harvesting your herbs and Making herbal vinegars from your harvest, Wreath making demo with fresh and dried herbs, and Making herbal teas from your garden. As always during our Open House events there is NO CHARGE for activities and this year we are adding a huge plant sale. 
Bring a group of friends and plan to spend the day with us.

The heat and drought continue in southwest VA. We are parched and have had 4 days over 100 in August alone; in addition we haven’t had even a normal amount of rain.  I don’t mean to whine but this is unusual for us. For those of you who have been ravaged by flooding this summer, by heart goes out to you. Seeing the pictures of Findlay Ohio, where I did my student teaching (a life time ago) was unnerving. I guess we will keep the drought. They say not to complain about the weather because we can’t do anything about it. I guess they are right!!!

The gardens although a bit scorched actually are doing quite well. This year has been the best year for Lavender since we opened and we now have 14 types planted to illustrate the wide variety of growth habits, bloom times and scents available.
Yes, they all smell a little different and they provide a long season of bloom in the garden. We have planted Royal Velvet Lavender outside the entrance to the shop and will be planting several hundred more on the property before the open house. Come see how we are growing!

In spite of the heat the butterflies are everywhere, it helps that they prefer 80 and above, well they have had it recently. The trees are starting to color up already, early for us but
with the intense heat I think the colors will be glorious this year. Mums are beginning to bloom and the garden is taking an its fall hue with Golden Rod, Gold and Red, Helenium and Green eyed Coneflowers putting on their show, even the roses are blooming again. Hummingbirds are still in the garden and the birds are actively feasting on the coneflowers and anise hyssop which I am in the process of cutting back. We will leave some of these standing over the winter for the birds, but for now they will be cut so they don’t seed with abandon.

Our fall hours are back to Thursday –Sunday 10-5 and there are lots of plants available for Fall planting. I know it is hot, but this is an ideal time to get plants into the garden and
give them a head start on next year. Iced herbal tea will be available-for those of you brave enough to venture out of your air conditioned worlds. I promise I will not put you to work!

We will be closing for the season on Oct. 7th but we will be holding classes on Saturdays, twice a month, through Nov. I will be posting the class schedule in a couple of days, check
the workshop link on our web page. www.beagleridgeherbfarm.com

We have heard from many of you that you were unable to attend the propagating class and are hoping we will repeat it. Well, if we have the interest I will repeat it. Let me know if you
are interested.

Here is a reminder of what the class involved:  Propagating 101: Bring your clippers and get ready to learn how to take stem cuttings, divide perennials, make leaf cuttings and root
cuttings and take home 5 cuttings of your choice from the garden. The cost is $15.00. If you have ever coveted a plant in the gardens this is your chance. 

We are hosting groups through Sept and already have a couple of groups scheduled for Oct. after we are closed to the public. Don’t miss the chance to visit the gardens for an herbal lunch. If your group, or even a group of friends, needs a place to have a meeting let us know. Remember we can provide a variety of programs for you as well as a light meal in the garden. Ask for particulars.

Our rain barrel workshop has been put off until either March or April. This will be timely for next summer so I will keep you posted. Once you have a barrel you will wonder how you managed without it. 

Try to stay cool and in spite of the heat try to enjoy your garden. Don’t forget Garlic Thyme on Oct. 6th.

Hope to see you soon,

Ellen and Gregg