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Plants with winter interest  I thought I would add a list of plants which will provide you with color or an interesting skeleton over the winter. By getting some of them in the ground this spring you will have a wonderful head start on an interesting Winter garden this coming winter. 

First some Japanese Maples: Acer Palmatum "Sangu Kaku" with a lacy leaf and pretty color in the spring but in the fall it comes into it's own. This red stemmed japanese maple is intense in the fall AFTER leaf drop. I actually left two if these in NC when we moved- too big to move, and I need to plant some in the garden. 

Heptacodium: Many of you have seen this amazing Seven Sons Tree,in our gardens but in the winter the peeling bark and the amazing vase shape of the branches makes an even more interesting specimen. 

Betula nigra"Heritage": Heritage River Birch. Not for the small garden, but it is fast growing and has a wonderful creme colored bark that peels ( as do most birches). The plus for this cultivar is that it will not die like so many of the European birches in our area. 

Hamamelis x intermedia 'Arnold Promise" : This is a witchhazel whose yellow blooms  will cure the winter blues . It is a slow grower, as are many of the other cultivars, but it is worth the wait. The tangy sweet fragrance and ribbon like blooms provide a hope that spring will come. 

Cornus alba: Red twig Dogwood. This is a wonderful shrub, yes in the dogwood family but very different. It gets white berry clusters and is a host plant for caterpillars, but in the winter the stems are blood red. In the snow it is stunning and with backlight it is even better. A must have for your garden. Ilex Verticillata "Sparkleberry": This cultivar of the decidous Holly has beautiful berries which are held well into Janary and sometimes February ( unless you have migrating birds). This is a great plant for the garden, we have one in our habitat garden. You should have a male holly nearby to pollinate it, otherwise, no berries. 

Bergenia cordifolia- This ia a nice perennial for sun or shade. It's large cabbage like leaves are green in the summer and turn a wonderful burgundy in the winter. The pink hyacinth scented blooms appear anytime from spring to fall depending on the variety.

Miscanthus sinensis "Gracillimus"- If you are looking for a large grass with multi season interest, this is it. Growing to approx 7' this grass will wave in the breeze and provide a wonderful focal point to the garden. Each blade of grass is striped with a white stripe down the center. In the fall the color becomes a warm bronze and finally fades to a beige. Cut back hard in the spring.

Prunus Mume- Flowering apricot, one of the first to bloom in the spring. Does not produce fruit, so it doesn't make a mess in the yard. Flowers range from in color from white to pink depending on the variety.

Hope this gives you some ideas for your garden.!

See you soon-we open for the season on April 25th.