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Join us on the first Sat in Dec. 2018 for our Annual Christmas Wreath Class- This is not any normal wreath . Make it one year and then keep it forever.  Check out the pictures below.

This was from one of our wreath classes. Take a LIVE balsam wreath and decorate it for Christmas and beyond. These wreaths will dry naturally and you will be able to use them for years, yes years. The Balsam will naturally turn a fabulous shade of brown, the needles will not shed and you will have a "decorator"wreath which will be the envy of your friends. Not your average christmas wreath$40.00 per person- all materials included. Bring a friend and we will give you each a $5.00 credit on any additional purchases that day.

Here are two friends who made their wreaths in 2009 and below I have a wreath after several years. Yes the same type of wreath and it doesn't shed.

Here are two friends who made this wreath last year and below I have a wreath after several years. Yes the same type of wreath and it doesn't shed. Melissa we will miss you this year, hopefully Lauren will make it!

This is how your wreath will age, this is close to 20 years old now. This was a balsam wreath which I decorated with pine cones, some fall leaves for a natural look, and some hydrangea and as it dried it turned to this gorgeous shade.It has become a year round decoration. It is on the wall in the shop and everyone is amazed that it is real and ALL natural.