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If you want to come hike, email us at beagleridge@gmail.com. Come hike our trails to Hemlock Cove for wildlife watching or to Buzzards Roost and get a panoramic view of the valley. The Big Survey Wildlife Management Area (BSWMA), which borders the farm, is a pristine wilderness area which covers 8300+ acres and provides unparralleled wildlife watching oportunities.
Although some of our trails are easily accessible and navigable, the ones that extend onto the BSWMA are not for the faint of heart, legs or lungs. Our trails traverse a varied topography, from lakeside in the valley, to mountaintop and provide spectacular views.

Although we welcome hikers and birders, hunting access to the BSWMA is not granted through Beagle Ridge Farms. Hiking is permitted during our normal business hours.
Be sure to contact us if you would like to schedule a group tour or hiking outing.

The addition of Hemlock Cove provides us with a new Eco-system on the property. The north facing slope and the towering Hemlocks which surround the lake provide habitat for wildflowers and animals which we don't find at the farm, as different birds make their home near the water.  
Our trail down to Hemlock Cove is now complete or if you prefer to drive down that is possible too.  But with the spectacular scenery to be found here in the Blue Ridge Mts. how could you not want to hike through the woods?                                                                                                

Be sure to ask about our monthly guided nature walks including A Winter  Tree Id. Hike, Spring wildflower hikes, Bird hikes and even a night hike to hear the night sounds.

Plan on spending some time at Hemlock Cove during your visit to Beagle Ridge. The scenery is spectacular and whether you are a bird watcher or you would like to hike, the cove will provide an escape.

In the winter the pond becomes an artic oasis.

The open area in this shot, is our spring which helps feed the Hemlock Cove, it is always open even when the rest of the area is frozen over. If you look deep into the picture you will see our duck box. They nest there almost every year and it will be fun to see how many we have next spring.
Below you see the rest of Hemlock Cove which was frozen over and snow  covered, unusual for us!

Yes this snow is long gone, but it will be back before we know it and we like to show what winter looks like in our neck of the woods.